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The Vinegar Bowl. Published May 2020

Lockdown thoughts. Published April 2020

The power of Hawkwind. Published Feb 2020

Nicola Miller: Injury has me on my knees. 

Read more: published Jan 2020.

Nicola Miller: Gateway to a wildlife haven.

Read more: published July 2019

Nicola Miller: Giving soldiers a taste of home.

Read more: published June 2019

Nicola Miller: My dilemma over eating meat

Read more: published May 2019

Nicola Miller: The high street must evolve to survive.

Read more: published April 2019

Nicola Miller: The plant-hunters of Suffolk diced with death

Read more: published Feb 2019

Nicola Miller: why we should mark our PoW campsites.

Read more: published Jan 2019

Nicola Miller: Living with Elf

Read more: Published Dec 2018

Nicola Miller: Chain or not to chain?

Read more: Published 10 Nov 2018

Nicola Miller: #MeToo

Read more. Published  13 Oct 2018

Nicola Miller: No excuse for restaurant no-shows

Read more. Published 14 April 2018

Nicola Miller: The good old days weren’t that great. 

Read more.  Published 11 March 2018

Nicola Miller: Bravery in the face of this menace.

Read more. Published 11 December. 2017

Nicola Miller: The great pumpkin bake-off.

Read more. Published 12 November 2017

Nicola Miller: My love of shopping lists

Read more. Published 15 October 2017

Nicola Miller: Where to find a guilt-free coffee

Read more. Published 19 Sept 2017

Nicola Miller: The internet has made me an expert.

Read more.  Published 13th Aug 2017

Nicola Miller: how the menopause can turn you into an armadillo…

Read more. Published 17th July 2017

Nicola Miller: Books are so at home in our town…

Read more. Published Sun 11th June 2017

Nicola Miller: Where ageism and sexism meet…

Read more….published Tues 16 May 2017

Nicola Miller: A glimpse into our post-Brexit future….

Read more. Published April 16th 2017.

Nicola Miller: The best and worst of social media in the hunt for Corrie McKeague

Read more. Published Sat March 11th 2017

Nicola Miller: such paucity of mental health care is untenable.

Read more. Published Sun 12th Feb 2017.

Nicola Miller: 2017,. do your worst.

Read more. Published Sun 15th Jan 2017

Nicola Miller: Let’s banish the Grinch, it’s Christmas time.

Read more. Published Sat 10th December 2016

Nicola Miller: why we need to support local newspapers…

Read more…published Sun 13th Nov 2016

Nicola Miller: Just what the heck is going on?…

Read more..published Mon 17th Oct 2016

Nicola Miller: Big Mac to go?  It’s Pokemon Go…

Read more…Published Mon 22nd Aug 2016

Nicola Miller: Speak out against these acts of hatred…

Read more. Published Saturday 11th July 2016

Nicola Miller: Allotments are part of our fabric…

Read more. Published Saturday 12th June 2016

Nicola Miller: I hope that’s the last of the Suffolk scufflies…

Read more. Published Saturday 14th May 2016

Nicola Miller: April has given and it has taken away…

Read more. Published Saturday 9th April 2016

Nicola Miller: NHS: It’s time for joined-up thinking.

Read more. Published Saturday 12th March, 2016.

Nicola Miller: The ghostly goings on in Suffolk.

Read more. Published Saturday 13th February 2016

Nicola Miller: Its a bunny old world for this [foster] mum

Read more Published Tuesday 12th January 2016.

Nicola Miller: Why I’m drawn to the starry skies

Read more. Published Thurs 17th December 2015

Nicola Miller: We’re an odd lot with an even odder history

Read more. Published Weds 11th November

Nicola Miller: Putting our local producers in the spotlight

Read more

 Nicola Miller: Stone curlews are a local success story

Read more. Published 22 September 2015

Nicola Miller: I think I’ll leave my body to nature

Read more. Published 3rd September 2015

Nicola Miller: The bike’s a symbol of the old me

Read more. Published 23rd July 2015

Nicola Miller: Why the wolf is part of our heritage

Read more. Published 14th June 2015

Nicola Miller: A punishment Fit for Flytippers

Read more. Published 3rd June 2015

Nicola Miller: Our Town’s Full of the Written Word

Read more. Published 12 April 2015

Nicola Miller: Politics is About our Daily Lives

Read more. Published 25 March 2015

Nicola Miller: Watch Out for Potholes in the Dark.

Read More. Published 16th Feb 2015

Nicola Miller: Whisper it Gently; We’re On The Way Up.

Read More. Published 11th January 2015

Nicola Miller: Building New Christmas Traditions

Read more. Published 12th December 2014

Nicola Miller: Cuts to service are disproportionate

Read more. Published Friday  14th November 2014

Nicola Miller: The past is not a foreign country

Read more. Published Friday 10th October 2014

Nicola Miller: Preparing youngsters for what lies ahead

Read more. Published 14th September 2014

Nicola Miller: Keeping Burglar Bill at Bay

Read more.. Published 14th August 2014.


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