Food columns

My food column is syndicated across some of the Iliffe Media print and digital titles in the East of England and was first published in May 2016.

Round-up of the best cookbooks: spring 2019. Read more. 


A lavender and lemon gateau Breton. August 2019

A spiced hazelnut, gooseberry, and red grape crumble cake. July 2019

The frontline of army catering. June 2019

A Greek-inspired sorrel, greens, and cheese pie.  June 2019

A cookbook journey around the world. May 2019

A banana and passionfruit cake. March 2019

A visit to Forage School UK: read more: Feb 2019

Salsify my soul: read more:  Jan 2019


Seasonal eating- or not: read more. Dec 2018


Tom Hagen’s risotto: Read more. Nov 2018


A brymbyl bread and butter pudding. Read more. Oct 2018

For the love of Lilian. Read more.  Sept 2018

Down on the Bayou: a crawfish and brown shrimp cornbread. Read more. Aug 2018

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A summery apricot, stem ginger and raspberry cobbler. Read more.  July 2018


Inspired by The Shining, prune, port and double chocolate brownies. Read more. 6 April. 2018

A chickpea, cockle and chard stew, inspired by Sardinia. Read more.  12 March 2o18

Torrijas with a blood orange sauce. Read more. 2nd Feb 2018



A celeriac, pea, spinach and apple soup for January. Read more. 4th Jan 2018


An Austrian nusstorte with Frangelico for Christmas. Read more.  11th Dec 2017


A two squash, two chili posole for colder days and nights. Read more. 3 November 2017.


A sticky pear and fig parkin for bonfire night and Halloween cavorting. Read more. 5th October 2017.


A greengage, St Germain and cobnut flaugnarde for Autumn. Read more. 4th September, 2017.


Southern biscuits stuffed with San Daniele ham and a peach, chile and nectarine mostarda. Read more.  14th August 2017.



Chocolate, frangelico and redcurrant cannolis. Read more  10th July 2017


A banana, malted milk and spelt cake….read more. 7th June 2017.


A roasted red pepper and ancho soup with more. 6th May 2017

A classic baked cheesecake with a rum more. 11th April 2017


East Anglian cockle, mussel & black bacon chowder…read more. 4th March 2017


Mackerel in saor; a dish packed with Venetian more. 5th February 2017


Poland’s crowning glory: a miodownik cake for winter… read more. 3rd December 2016.


Some Mexican warmth for cold autumn days: beef short ribs en adobo with cremita…read more. 6th November 2016.


Fruits of the forage: a pear, apple, cobnut and rye crumble…read more. 8th October 2016


A recipe for blackberry and blackberry gin ice cream…read more. 3rd September 2016


Why chamoy deserves to be better known outside of Mexico…read more. 9 August 2016.

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Brunswick Stew from the Deep South… read more. 7 July 2016.


The nonna of all more. 31 May 2016


When peas are more than simple peas – they’re vegetable caviar . . .read more. 2 May 2016