Food columns

My food column is syndicated across some of the Iliffe Media print and digital titles in the East of England and was first published in May 2016.

A lime, lavender, and poppy seed cake. June 2020. Read more.

Arepas for breakfast May 2020. Read more. 

Sonoran tortillas. April 2020. Read more.

Tater tots and Alabama white sauce March 2020. Read more. 

The latest winter and spring cookbooks. March 2020. Read more. 

Cranberry, Chinese five-spice and hazelnut mandelbrot. Feb 2020. Read more.

Winter vegetable and Comté galette with a buttermilk and cornmeal crust. Jan 2020. Read more.

Plum porter and prune cake. Dec 2019. Read more.

This season’s best cookbooks. Dec 2019. Read more. 

Coniglio All’Ischitana. Nov 2019. Read more.

Brown butter and spiced sweet potato hotcakes. Oct 2019. Read more.

Fried shrimp and skordalia not-boy. Sept 2019. Read more.

Round-up of the best cookbooks: spring 2019. Read more. 

A lavender and lemon gateau Breton. August 2019

A spiced hazelnut, gooseberry, and red grape crumble cake. July 2019

The frontline of army catering. June 2019

A Greek-inspired sorrel, greens, and cheese pie.  June 2019

A cookbook journey around the world. May 2019

A banana and passionfruit cake. March 2019

A visit to Forage School UK: read more: Feb 2019

Salsify my soul: read more:  Jan 2019


Seasonal eating- or not: read more. Dec 2018


Tom Hagen’s risotto: Read more. Nov 2018


A brymbyl bread and butter pudding. Read more. Oct 2018

For the love of Lilian. Read more.  Sept 2018

Down on the Bayou: a crawfish and brown shrimp cornbread. Read more. Aug 2018

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A summery apricot, stem ginger and raspberry cobbler. Read more.  July 2018


Inspired by The Shining, prune, port and double chocolate brownies. Read more. 6 April. 2018

A chickpea, cockle and chard stew, inspired by Sardinia. Read more.  12 March 2o18

Torrijas with a blood orange sauce. Read more. 2nd Feb 2018



A celeriac, pea, spinach and apple soup for January. Read more. 4th Jan 2018


An Austrian nusstorte with Frangelico for Christmas. Read more.  11th Dec 2017


A two squash, two chili posole for colder days and nights. Read more. 3 November 2017.


A sticky pear and fig parkin for bonfire night and Halloween cavorting. Read more. 5th October 2017.


A greengage, St Germain and cobnut flaugnarde for Autumn. Read more. 4th September, 2017.


Southern biscuits stuffed with San Daniele ham and a peach, chile and nectarine mostarda. Read more.  14th August 2017.



Chocolate, frangelico and redcurrant cannolis. Read more  10th July 2017


A banana, malted milk, and spelt cake….read more. 7th June 2017.


A roasted red pepper and ancho soup with more. 6th May 2017

A classic baked cheesecake with a rum twist…read more. 11th April 2017


East Anglian cockle, mussel & black bacon chowder…read more. 4th March 2017


Mackerel in saor; a dish packed with Venetian more. 5th February 2017


Poland’s crowning glory: a miodownik cake for winter… read more. 3rd December 2016.


Some Mexican warmth for cold autumn days: beef short ribs en adobo with cremita…read more. 6th November 2016.


Fruits of the forage: a pear, apple, cobnut and rye crumble…read more. 8th October 2016


A recipe for blackberry and blackberry gin ice cream…read more. 3rd September 2016


Why chamoy deserves to be better known outside of Mexico…read more. 9 August 2016.

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Brunswick Stew from the Deep South… read more. 7 July 2016.


The nonna of all more. 31 May 2016


When peas are more than simple peas – they’re vegetable caviar . . .read more. 2 May 2016