My name is Nicola Miller, I live in East Anglia and I’m a freelance features writer and food columnist for the Bury Free Press (Iliffe Media), a paid for weekly print and digital newspaper, and for other titles in the regional stable. I am also a contributing editor for Locavore Magazine and write a regular column for the same magazine on building your own library of food-writing.

I copy-write for private clients and am currently taking on new commissions, specialising in health promotion, mental health, general health, food, beauty, and travel.

I like long-form food writing and yearn for the day when British food media escapes the shackles of short -form and becomes as bold and inquisitive as the Americans are when it comes to exploring their own culinary landscapes in more than 800 words. As a young kid, I gravitated to the food scenes in books and this soon morphed into buying cookery books and books about food. I was an insufferable little beast who read MFK Fisher aged twelve and because I was fortunate enough to live abroad as a kid, I was exposed to a wide variety of foods and ways of eating.

If you enjoy reading about food, check out my  food columns and the cookbook reviews and essays on this site. My restaurant reviews also appear in the print edition of the Bury Free Press.

Other stuff that floats my boat? You’ll find writings on local history and landscape, feminism, politics, and campaigning for a healthy mental health service- I support the campaign group NSFT Crisis made up of service users, carers and employees of the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust and share their concerns about the way cuts have impacted at a grassroots level.

Original content on here is protected by copyright and I credit original sources. It will be made, and is perfectly clear, when content is not written by myself or when it is sponsored content (and I am very choosy about the latter and don’t do puff pieces). All views are my own unless stated otherwise, *climbs off high horse*.

I can be contacted at either nicmillerwriter@gmail.com,  nicmillerstale:yahoo.co.uk, via my Facebook page or on twitter.

My columns for the Bury Free Press can be accessed here.  I have a TinyLetter here where I shall be writing about my favourite food writing in a more condensed form than my column and I am on Tumblr here. 



4 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Keith. If you scroll down the page and look on the right hand side, there’s a little button with the blue wordpress ‘W’ on it. Click on that and you should receive updates. You can also like my facebook page where links to new features are posted. Thanks so much!

  1. Hi Nicola

    Love your erudite piece in SFP this week – ‘What the heck is going on?’
    It’s the question that so many of us liberal, clear-thinking voters are asking.

    How I would love to take you out to lunch and discuss how to promote a way to end this ‘Government’ madness. Perhaps it’s time to simply join the Lib Dems at last. If only they had a strong champion…

    (producer of Sudbury’s Talbot Trail that you wrote so eloquently about a few years ago!)

    1. Hi Robin,

      Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I thought Bury could do with an alternative point of view to the dominant right wing message here. There’s a few of us hold-outs but not many. I’ll be in touch- I have your email address! Nic

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