Lackford Lakes- some memories

Over the last year we made many trips to Lackford lakes wetland reserve and this is some of what we saw:

Stacks of sawn logs, stacked end to end, cut edges striped with gold ♥ The late afternoon sun through a saxon inspired woven fence panel ♥ Skeins of dragonflies as electric blue as Marc Bolan’s eyelid ♥ upturned snowy bottoms of swans ♥ light slanting into the open trap window of the hides ♥ serried rows of seer grasses  ♥ the high sun turning pollarded willows into silhouettes ♥ moss on fence posts- green velvet ♥ floral espadrilles surrounded by daisy studded turf ♥

Lackford lakes 002


Laxkford 004

Lackford 035


Lackford lakes 020

Lackford lakes 022

Lackford lakes 011

lackford lakes 015

Lackford 016








3 thoughts on “Lackford Lakes- some memories

  1. Love all the detail you noticed on your walk and how evocative the photos are of a the beauty and stillness to be found on a walk in winter. Lovely. Thank you for sharing your walk. Look forward to seeing any more you might share .

    1. Thank you for the kind words- yes I’ll be posting more pics over the next few months as Lackford Lakes is such a favourite of ours.

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