Boy in the Tower by Polly Ho-Yen


It all began on the day the rain stopped falling.

First, the buildings fell. Then the people on the streets.
No one could explain why.
Until they found the Bluchers.

Ade lives on the seventeenth floor of an inner city tower block.
He’s just an ordinary boy.
Apart from the fact that his mother won’t leave her bedroom.
And he’s only got one true friend: the girl he’s known all his life, Gaia.

When the Bluchers, a type of mysterious plant-form, slowly take over the city, everyone is forced to evacuate and Ade is left alone to face them.

Trapped in his tower block, how can Ade ever survive as the Bluchers weave their deadly circle around his home?

Boy in the Tower is his story.

It’s about friendship.
It’s about courage.
It’s about finding a way back home.

Read an extract.

An adventure story for the 9- 12’s, this book celebrates the bravery and indomitability of children, their resourcefulness and strength in friendship. Ade and two of his friends are forced to join forces to counteract the dangerous race of rampant plants that threaten to subsume and consume everything in their wake- even his tall tower block. Cleverly interviewing omniscient narrration with Ade’s own point of view, we see how the spread of the world from Ade’s tower block vantage point contrasts with the narrowing of his experiences due to his mother’s illness and his role as lonely companion to a mother who sleeps through most of the day.

Being forced from this stultifying, narrow life into something that whilst dangerous, is full of the kind of exhilaration that lets you know that you are truly alive sharply divides the book into two sections, effectively magnifying the stupor of Ade’s previous life and increasing the sense of the unknown; the thought that things might not work out totally for the best.

This is the kind of book that is perfect for young independent readers looking to break out into a genre a little more challenging with echoes of our post 9/11 world where no man is an island and nothing is invincible.




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