Mumsnet Recommends- Yes, we really do buy the stuff we see mentioned on Mumsnet!

This article by Mumsnet Lancashire- Em Hill, caught our eye. Read the original here.

79% Of Mumsnetters buy a product after reading about it on Mumsnet

 I find these figures fascinating: 79% of Mumsnetters read about a product on Mumsnet then go on to buy it and; 80% of users seek advice or read reviews on Mumsnet when they are planning to buy a child-related product and this got me thinking – what have I bought after reading about on Mumsnet?

(Stats are from an independent study of on-line parenting forums for the Arts and Humanities Research Council).
Karcher steam cleaner- something else I applied for-a product test. I got one, added my feedback, following the feedback thread avidly to read about the experiences of the other testers. It does a fabulous job especially on tiles- my kitchen wall tiles shone like when they were new and it wasn’t an easy task due to their uneven nature and polished finish. Getting rid of soap scum on the shower screen, bathroom tiles and bath was a doddle although I did end up with a bright red post sauna facial look- not attractive one bit. Not one bit. Attacking the stone kitchen floor eradicated its sticky residue yet I missed the smell of cleaning products (why? I do not know – they are all chemical) and the size of the steam cleaner (I am five foot one)  combined with the fact I always seem to manage to steam myself (it really hurts) means it is used for spring and pre-Christmas cleaning. It would come in handy should a burglar wander up the stairs in the middle of the night though. He/she will be despatched with great clouds of super hero steam as I stand at the top of the stairs brandishing my yellow mean steam machine.
Then there are the shoes I may have bought in several colours (Sophia Webster’s dancing shoes, Boden silver slingbacks, Jimmy Choo degrade yellow & black stiletto- oops) ; the great bra intervention threads, and the Waitrose pea & Asparagus risotto which provides fast tasty comfort food. It resides in the freezer and you can use as much or as little as you want. So when you have planned a meal for 4 and suddenly it’s only 2 people or 2 extra people arrive it’s my easy back up plan and I delight in sharing this with you all. Shirley Conran said ‘Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom’ but it is never so short that a trip to Waitrose or its online emporium cannot be fitted in.
Steamcream Lavender scented loveliness with all natural ingredients in tins that are so utterly gorgeous in their design, I might have bought rather a lot of them. This multi use cream works wonders, lasts ages and has a Willy Wonka level of marshmallowy-whipped loveliness. Suffolk people can find it at Blue Dog in Clare. It is around £20 a pot but it lasts for ages and the empty pots make great containers for earrings, other creams and plectrums.
Lotus biscuit spread started a rash of threads on Mumsnet resulting in this guide to making an absolute pig of ourselves. This work of the gastro devil is basically Lotus (aka Speculoos) biscuits turned into a soft spreadable goo. Available in crunchy or smooth, we like it stirred into ice cream for a fast track to type 2. We’ve never been ones to do anything slow.
images (11)Laura Santini Taste No #5- I might have been responsible for introducing this to many, many Mumsnetters as it has become indispensable in our house for those times when we lack the time to cook down a sofritto or flavour stews ad nauseum. This blend of everything Umami in a tube, all fresh olives, anchovies, parmesan, tomatoes and porcini now comes in other flavours. Nobu collaborated on a south east Asian version, there is La Bomba, a concentrated tomato paste and a new Umami dust flavour powder. Spread it on fish, meat and vegetables, add it as you cook down, smear it on crostini, use it in pies, tarts etc. The scope is limitless and the packaging is super cool with those aluminium look tubes.
downloadCarmex lip balm is another old timer favourite, discovered in the USA twenty years ago by myself and bought back by the shed load. It is now easily available in the super cute little tin and a squeezy tube. I adore this so much that I receive it in my Christmas stocking every year and have a tin in each handbag, every room of the house and in the cars. The slightly medicinal scent and gloopy texture means it feels pharmaceutical rather then beauty-glossy which I prefer. Cost wise? It’s less than £2 a tube or tin and lasts aeons and also comes in limited edition scents and tin designs.
images (11)Lanolips Banana Balm and the whole Lanolips range really. If you are a packaging junkie like I am and you can cope with the super kitsch and super cute, this range is for you. Saturated with lanolin, incredibly enriching, beautifully scented (you aren’t left smelling like a sheep left out in the rain) and portable, I have been accumulating these lovely products for the last few years. Not the most inexpensive- a lip balm will set you back about £8 but they do last.
downloadFootner– The live Footner thread on Mumsnet is manna from heaven if you are a sporner (don’t ask) with Mumsnetters testing the footner gel sock live and posting graphic photos as the bottom of their feet dehisced. Basically you put on the sock after applying a gel based on lactic acid that eats the dry horny layer of skin on the soles of your feet. A few days later, your foot simply degloves with shards of epidermis hanging off like Miss Haversham’s moth eaten curtains. There are hundreds of abscess bursting, spot picking Sporner threads on Mumsnet- the Klaxon sounded the loudest on these.
download (3)
Saltwater Sandals – these are so cool in that old skool going-to-school manner and less ubiquitous than Swedish Has Beens (which I also have). Available in tons of colours and some gorgeous florals,  Like Henry Kelly, I have gone for gold here in a nod to this seasons obsession with metallics. They are comfortable, I will be doing Latitude in them, paddling in the sea in them and generally bumping along in a good old Suffolk summer. If your feet are comfortable (and stylish) then everything else is. They are like Botox for your soul – they will stop you from frowning with discomfort.
Thanks Mumsnet for increasing my list of items I didn’t know I needed, for talking me into the best buys and warning me against the worst buys too. I will add to this feature as I (no doubt) buy more!



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