Cinema Under the Stars and America’s Love Affair with the Drive-In

The stuff of which youthful dreams are made…..the great American Drive-In. Our weather sadly precludes the wholesale adoption of this wonderful way to spend an evening for most of the year.

The chirp of crickets, boyfriend getting fresh in the back seat (or girlfriend for that matter- we are feminists after all); popcorn spilling over red leather seats and chrome; the smell of root beer, coke and burgers in the air as we watch dust motes dance across the projector rays. We SO want to go to one of these screenings….

2nd Air Division Memorial Library

Cinema Under the Stars‘ When Richard M. Hollingstead Jr. first projected a movie onto a white bedsheet stretched between two trees at his home in Camden, New Jersey in 1933, little did he know that he was on the verge of creating an entirely new entertainment industry. With America just beginning its romance with the automobile, it is no surprise that the general public found this new form of movie going irresistible.’ —extract taken from Elizabeth McKeon and Linda Everett’s book (pictured above) Cinema Under the Stars: America’s Love Affair with the Drive-In Movie Theater, which can be found in the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library. Click on the image to reserve your copy.

The Norwich Business Improvement District and the Forum are providing the people of Norwich a glimpse of this American love affair with the Drive-In or outside movie experience with their OpenAir Screen and Norwich Evenings Film Nights.

Showing every Thursday…

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