Nana’s Knickers by Nico Russell – We review



They aren’t on Nana’s head, nor are her drawers in her drawers. Nana’s big bottom is bare and she urgently needs help before she pulls a Kate Middleton and bares her buttocks to the world. Nana has lost her knickers.

This charming, rhyming text rich book is packed with witty, hand drawn illustrations by Charlie Meyer bursting with detail to point out to children and talk about, whilst Nico Russell’s words remind the grandchildren (and all child readers) that the important adults in their life have a rich and varied life with an imagination to match. From dancing the Fandango with Mr McGurt to feeding vicars with her scones, Nanna bursts with personality, naughtiness and vivacity as she wonders aloud what could have become of a thirty year old pair of red dotted bloomers. Not a bad message to give kids either, the idea that some things aren’t disposable, the most mundane of everyday items have bags of value beyond the monetary and that all generations can work together to solve a problem.

nico 001


Nico himself says that the font was chosen specifically to help young children better learn letter shapes and consideration given to readers with Dyslexia via the choice of background colours, so assisting them to better see the text.

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