RIME at the New Wolsey Theatre – we review


Presented by Square Peg Contemporary Circus.

A new circus show devised and collectively made by Square Peg based on Coleridge’s epic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. With thrilling acrobatics, song and story, Square Peg combine circus with theatre and dance – using group acrobatics and human towers, Chinese poles, silks, and flips and tricks to tell this beautiful haunting tale. Mumsnet Suffolk sent two reviewers, Neil and Andreas Johnson to see and review the show. This is what they had to say-

“Rousing sea shanties and the shrieking of seagulls herald the start of this new interpretation of Coleridge’s classic ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’. The stage is then the set for incredible circus skills: acrobatics, human towers and silks.

Billed as family entertainment, there is enough physical theatre here to engage anyone who is not familiar with the poem.

“Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.” 

The shanties continue to provide the backdrop for this inventive tale, alternating song, dance, narrative and mime to complement the acrobatics. The simplicity of the set – a simple, metal frame – only emphasises the inventiveness of the cast. Lasting only an hour, this is more than just circus, this troubled mariner’s tale engages throughout, free from theatrical convention”



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