Easter Indulgence

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Whilst we aren’t always strict with regards to eating seasonal foods at the appropriate time only, when it comes to Hot Cross Buns we prefer to adopt a time sensitive hard line. They are for Easter and Easter only and absolutely need no adornment, augmentation or cool twist. Hot Cross Brownies? Delicious but no need. However……despite being best eaten as they are, whether warmed up or straight from the pack, with butter or without, we confess to doing something with them this Easter that is inspired by the great Sicilian Breakfast of gelato stuffed brioche.

Ladies & Gentlemen we bring you The Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sandwich.

We find that plain old vanilla works best although we do think rum raisin has potential too. You will need to freeze the ice cream hard so it can be stamped or cut out into a circle- we used a metal sharp edged ring mold sold for less than £1 in cook shops. The Hot Cross Bun can be toasted or served as is. Simply sandwich the ice cream between the two halves and eat.


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