Macavity the Mystery Cat by T S Eliot, Illustrated by Arthur Robins- Review

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Macavity’s a Mystery Cat:
he’s called the Hidden Paw—
for he’s the master criminal
who can defy the law.
He’s the bafflement of Scotland Yard,
the Flying Squad’s despair:
for when they reach the scene of crime—
Macavity’s not there!
One of the most beloved of TS Eliot’s poems from ‘Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’ is updated in this cool picture book with illustrations by Arthur Robbins that perfectly convey all the wit, deftness of touch and sharpness of Eliot’s creation. Macavity is, in our opinion the coolest TS Eliot cat of them all, with his feline slickness, disappearing whenever the going gets a little sticky (and involves the local police!) For us grown up kids, we see shades of Top Cat and Officer Dibble in the expressive feline visage and the canine Police Officer who is the bane of their lives…And no match for cats either. This fresh interpretation brings him back into the lives of a new generation of kids.

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