Arger Fen 032

Nicola Miller at Arger Fen, April 2014

My name is Nicola Miller, I am a writer and editor with familial roots in both Suffolk and Norfolk and established The Millers Tale, in part, to provide a wider platform for my writing than my job as local editor for Mumsnet allowed. Covering events (all over East Anglia) and offering a regional perspective on national and international news and features, I enjoy meeting local business owners, visiting attractions and events and am proud of the incredible skill and hard work of people across my home region. Suffolk and Norfolk have always been sought out by visitors and holidaymakers but it is important that the world sees us as a diverse and interesting place to both work and make ones home in: tourism brings much needed income into East Anglia but what sustains our growing communities is the less glamorous ‘everyday’ stuff and this is what interests me the most. To this end I am a strong advocate for the local mental health services and supporter of the campaign group NSFT Crisis (Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust are our regional providers of mental health services across primary and secondary care) and am keen to seize every opportunity to promote their concerns about the way cuts have impacted at grass roots level.

Working with local people in order to promote both counties has been a total pleasure alongside my own exploration of local history and culture so please do email or tweet me if you’d like The Millers Tale to run a feature.on what you are doing. I am also a columnist for the Bury Free Press, one of our great local paid for weeklies and you can access my features both online and in print.

 Original content on this site is protected by copyright and I am happy to credit original sources. This site is in part, a content curation whereby we publish features we find interesting and think worthy of further dissemination with link backs and we thank the generosity of those who have afforded the permission for us to do this. It will be made, and is perfectly clear, when content is not written by myself or when it is sponsored content. All views are my own unless stated otherwise.
Please contact me at nicmillerstale@yahoo.co.uk, via the Facebook page or tweet me at @NicMillersTale with any enquiries about content.

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