Beautiful Thing by Jonathan Harvey – Forthcoming shows at the New Wolsey Theatre



Beautiful Thing

Presented by Serendipity

By Jonathan Harvey

‘A warm and funny urban tale of two teenage boys discovering themselves, love and the songs of Mamma Cass.’

Set during a heat wave on a rundown Thamesmead estate, Jonathan Harvey’s stunning award winning play Beautiful Thing is an urban fairytale full of characters that abound with attitude, energy, frankness and humour.

The story follows Jamie, an introvert, troubled teen whose dislike of football is reason enough for his classmates to bully him at every opportunity. Living with his pre-occupied single mum, Sandra, Jamie finds himself infatuated with his next door neighbour and classmate Ste. This iconic play truly captures what it is to be sixteen and in the first full flush of love.

By Arrangement with Independent Talent Group, London

This is an amateur production presented as part of the New Wolsey’s annual Open Season. Find out more by browsing the Creative Learning section of our website.

Download the educational pack here.
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